Private Finnish lessons

Customized lessons for your needs.


Course alternatives:

  • Vocabulary and terminology in expert work, oral and written communication, grammatical structures (for advanced learners: levels C1-C2, B1-B2)

  • Oral language skills for everyday life and free time, activating language skills (for medium level: level B1-B2)

  • Intensive basics (for basic level learners: level 0-A1-A2)

  • Pronunciation course (level: open)


Lessons can be arranged either in the client’s or in Oppimistaito’s premises.



  • Private lesson (45 min): 61 € + VAT 24 % = 75,64 €.

  • Small group lessons according to contract. Prices depend on the group size and the learning goals. Ask for an offer.


Ask for more information or suggest an own course!


Teacher: Terhi Lammi. Invoicing: Terhi Lammi / Kielipalvelu Kieliniekka.

In co-operation with Oppimistaito.



"My employer was happily surprised by me being able to participate in meetings using fluent Finnish."


"I have got courage and self-confidence to use Finnish in all kinds of situations."


"I have learnt to notice language variation in different situations and to choose the appropriate form depending on the situation."


"The lessons were focused on concrete topics and problems that are important to me, and this gave me extra motivation to study the language."


"Thank you for your good work. It is great, that we can now use Finnish as a working language with our employee."

Terhi Lammi

suomen kielen opettaja,

luku- ja kirjoitustaidon opettaja


044 059 6387